Please Note:  This process is for monthly automatic billing only. You can make weekly payments at your school location using a credit card, check, money order or cash.

(Part 2)


(Part 1)

Preferred School Care allows our parents to establish Monthly Automatic Billing to pay for child care fees.  Setup one time and forget about writing a check for the entire school year!

August 20193 weeks
September 2019
5 weeks
October 2019
4 weeks
November 2019
3 weeks
December 2019
3 weeks
January 2020
4 weeks
February 2020
4 weeks
March 2020
5 weeks
April 2020
3 weeks
May 2020
3 weeks

Setup procedures:

1. Must have a PayPal account.

2. Must SELECT OPTION which has the maximum amount PSC will bill your account each month. This is based on the number of children you have enrolled in our program. Check out the maximums:

     a.  1 child - $50/week for 5 weeks = $250

     b.  2 children - $95/wk for 5 weeks = $475

     c.  3 children - $140/wk for 5 weeks = $700

3. Click on Automatic Billing button which will take you to PayPal to complete your registration.

Please Note: This is a one time setup process for the entire school year.  May need to complete this process again next year.

Thank you for registering for

Monthly Automatic Billing. 

PSC will process your monthly payment on the 1st of each month depending on how many Mondays (weeks) are in each month.  A week constitutes two or more days in our ASP program.  Please review the payment table below which states how many weeks you will be billed each month.  

SELECT OPTION based on the number of children enrolled in ASP
Select the maximum amount you want to pay each month
Sign up for